Charity knitting

  • 17 May 2024
  • James Herbison

Life can be fun, life can be exciting, life can be an adventure, but sometimes life can also be tough.

As a child I was taught the importance of respectfully helping people in need and also how the action of helping can benefit both the giver and receiver. There have been times in my life where I have been extremely grateful for the charity of others when I was in need so I'm also aware that giving and receiving is interchangeable.

Translating that concept into my life today I have a charity knitting project on display in the store. It's a simple garter stitch scarf in one of my hand dyed yarns.

Each morning before I open the store I knit a couple of rows on the scarf in the knowledge that I am contributing towards crafting something practical and functional that will benefit someone else. It allows me to clear my mind and prepare to focus on the day ahead while giving me a sense of achievement to start my working day. Knitting is a skill I have and I am thankful that it allows me to make a contribution to my local community like this.

I also like encouraging customers to knit a row or two while they are in the store. Some love to contribute while some claim to be too shy to knit in public... but I like to give them the opportunity anyway.

So next time you're instore or passing by, pop in and knit a couple of rows... I'm sure it will also give you that sense of achievement and being part of a crafting community that cares.


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  • Kate Peterson
  • 23 Jun 2024
  • 4:11 pm

What a wonderful way to ground yourself James. Love it! I look forward to meeting you when I visit Fibretron in July and contributing a couple of rows to your scarf (or whatever comes next!) when I eventually get to visit Greytown in November. In the meanwhile, well done you for taking the leap, trusting yourself and opening your physical and online stores!

  • Curly Sue
  • 23 Jun 2024
  • 10:33 pm

Great to see you 'up and running', wish I was closer to add a few rows to your scarf. Sending warm greetings from a surprisingly warm UK today.

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